How to Calculate Window Tint Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

Home window tinting movies are determined in noticeable light transmission degrees (or VLT). This suggests that when we review a specific movie, be it for suitable to a cars and truck or any kind of various other application, we usually describe it with it’s VLT worth. VLT is determined in percent (% ), so if you read about a color item being described as a percent, it is the VLT that specifies that percent worth.

For instance, a tinting movie described as Charcoal 5% is a charcoal coloured color with a VLT of 5% as well as also a movie described as environment-friendly 50% is an eco-friendly coloured color movie with a VLT of 50%. Yet what does the number really imply? check it out here:

Well, in straightforward terms the VLT worth is the percent of noticeable light that will certainly be enabled to take a trip via the home window tinting movie from the outside face side of the movie to the indoor side. This suggests that a 5% movie will just permit 5% light traveling via as well as a 70% movie will certainly permit 70% light to take a trip. Basically, this suggests that reduced VLT movies will certainly show up darker. For example, it is usually 5% colors that we will certainly see on limos for personal privacy.

So, suitable a 5% color to a home window will permit 5% light to take a trip via the glass from outdoors to within, right? NO! Due to the fact that we require to think about the real VLT of the home window prior to the color is also set up. There is no such point as an item of glass, despite just how clear it shows up, with a VLT of 100%. This is due to the fact that glass normally removes a bit of noticeable light.

Allows consider automobile home window tinting as this is one location where we mention VLT frequently because of the truth that lots of nations have regulations in position restricting just how dark automobile home windows ought to be tinted. Many modern-day autos originate from manufacturing facility with home windows checking out a VLT someplace in between 72% as well as 78%, depending upon producer, design as well as nation. State, our instance automobile’s home windows check out at 72% as well as we include a 50% home window tinting movie, what is the brand-new as well as last VLT of our automobile’s home windows after installment?

The amount is really straightforward: V1 x V2 = V3 (Where V1 is the initial VLT of the glass prior to tinting, V2 is the VLT of the home window tinting movie as well as V3 is the last VLT worth of the glass with color movie used).

Our automobile’s home windows initial VLT = 72% as well as the color = 50 %, therefore V1 = 72 as well as V2 = 50

The amount is 72 x 0.50 offering us 36, which we will certainly reveal as a percent. So a home window with an initial VLT of 72% will certainly after that have a VLT of 36% after application of a 50% movie.

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